What is EUROGYM?

EUROGYM brings together young gymnasts from different European countries. The event is organized by
European Gymnastics (EG) and is held every two years. 

EUROGYM is a non-competitive gymnastics festival with a focus on promoting the sport of gymnastics and fostering friendship and cultural exchange between young athletes from different countries. The event includes gymnastics performances, workshops, cultural activities, and social events. 
The event is hosted by a different European city each time.

Overall, EUROGYM is a great opportunity for young gymnasts to develop their skills, make new friends, and
experience different cultures while promoting the sport of gymnastics at an international level.

All gymnasts between the ages of 12 and 18 who are members of EG-affiliated national gymnastics federations can attend EUROGYM.

A group with 10 participants (or more) can include younger participants (10 and/or 11 years old) and older
participants (19 and/or 20 years old) according to the table below. 

Coaches may not take part in a performance as gymnasts. Guests that don’t have an accreditation are not
allowed in the schools.

We would like to prioritize the inclusion of all gymnasts, regardless of ability or level of function. We are actively working to facilitate special needs athletes, and will be designing venues with sufficient space for accessibility, elevators, highly visible signage, etc. Quiet rooms will be available in various arenas where there is expected to be many people present and long waits. We are open to adapting the schedule to better facilitate special needs, for example reducing the number of shows or workshops. We can also help you to find alternative accommodation and/or find volunteers to assist with logistics throughout the event.

Please contact us with any questions regarding inclusion and facilitation: inclusion@eurogym2024.com



Here is the provisional program for the whole EUROGYM week

City Performances

Each group will present their performance twice during the EUROGYM week. The city performances will take place at two different stages, and give the groups an opportunity to show what they have prepared at home. All performance levels are acceptable and everybody can participate. A group has to consist of minimum 6 gymnasts, and each performance can last a maximum of 6 minutes, including preparation of the venue and marching in and out. Participants can visit the stages in the morning, but there will be no opportunity for rehearsals at the stages before the city performances.

Floor size: 14 x 14 meters

Stormen Concert Hall is situated in the heart of Bodø City Centre and has received numerous awards for its exceptional acoustics and architecture. The main hall, accommodating up to 900 people for performances, offers some of the finest classical music acoustics globally. This stage is ideal for groups with minimal equipment, featuring a 14 x 14-meter roller mat floor. Many famous personalities have graced this stage, and the EUROGYM settings will match its greatness. Bodø’s residents take pride in this building, frequently attending various concerts and performances hosted here.

Floor size: 14 x 20 meters

Bodøhallen, located right next to Nordlandshallen, is a handball arena that can also be transformed into a lively concert venue. It’s part of a complex that includes a water park, offering various activities. This venue will also host the prestigious EUROGYM Gala and the European Gym for Life Challenge. The stage is designed for groups with more and larger equipment. The roller mat floor size will be 14×20-meter mat floor, and the stage will feature large equipment like several trampettes and a tumbling track, perfect for TeamGym performances. Professional lighting will set the stage aglow.

Stage 1 (Stormen Concert hall) is set up for groups with little or no equipment. Stage 2 (Bodøhallen)
is designed for groups with more and larger equipment. For groups with a need for a significant amount of equipment or other special requirements, it is possible that both performances will take place in the same venue, allowing us to tailor the setup as best as possible for the performance. It is important that the groups are thorough in registering equipment in the definitive registration if you have any specific wishes.

If you have any questions or special needs regarding apparatus, please do not hesitate to contact us at
info@eurogym2024.com. We will do our best to meet your wishes but cannot guarantee that we can provide the equipment not mentioned here.


EUROGYM Gala will take place in Bodøhallen July 18th. The performance area will be 20 x 30 m, and the roller mats will be 14 m x 20m in blue color.

Due to limited seating available, we will put on two Gala shows. Group 1 will start with the Gala and then go for dinner. Group 2 will start with dinner and then go for the Gala. When Gala show number 2 is finished Group 1 will join Group 2 in Nordlandshallen for the Closing ceremony. 

The theme for the Gala show is Midsummer Madness.

Fun Events to look forward to

The first day of EUROGYM, all participants will take part of a big parade. The parade starts at Bankgata (on a big football court outside the catering venue) and will end inside Nordlandshallen, where the Opening ceremony will take place. Nordlandshallen is a sizable indoor football arena, and is located adjacent to Bodøhallen. The Opening ceremony will kick off the EUROGYM week with great performances and goood vibes!

Meet-up at Bankgata 17.30 – 18.00 on Sunday the 14th.

The nations will line up for the parade in alphabetic order, like shown on the drawing below.

Get ready for an exhilarating array of zones, all planned and organized by EUROGYM 2024s own group of
Young Leaders (a group of young gymnasts from all over Norway). All these exciting activities will take place in Nordlandshallen each evening throughout the entire week of EUROGYM, and our Young Leaders will be there to organize the fun with you. Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits you:

Every evening, a different theme will take over this zone, ensuring non-stop fun. Get your groove on, unleash your inner party animal, dive into the theme of the night, and dance along!

Need a breather? Seek solace in the ChillZone, a relaxing and cozy place where you can hang out with friends, chill out and indulge in card or board games. It’s your go-to place for recharging, both yourself and your devices. There will be two ChillZones durning EUROGYM, one in Nordlanshallen and another one at Mørkved, where we invite you to different activities like movie nights and singalongs.

Adventure beckons! Engage in a variety of thrilling activities and mega games such as Bubble Football, Sumo Action, and the adrenaline-pumping Bungee Run.

Experience Norway’s rich traditions and culture in this corner inspired by the celebration and activities that happens in Norway on our Constitution Day. On our Constitution Day we dress up in our national costume which is called “bunad”. In the Norwegian corner you will find people who are wearing the ”bunad” and some of our favorite, traditional activities and Norwegian food. We challenge you to try and find your favourite!

Whether you’re seeking pulsating fun, a cozy hangout, thrilling adventures, or a taste of Norwegian culture, FunZone has it all. Join us for unforgettable moments, new friendships, and an experience you’ll treasure.

FunZone Calendar

Experiencing the midnight sun is a MUST when visiting Northern Norway during summer. Therefore, we will do our best to create a unique midnight experience for the EUROGYM participants. 

We welcome everyone to a free outdoor party lasting until midnight. Join us in celebrating the everlasting Arctic summer nights the Norwegian way – with games, volleyball, swimming in the arctic ocean, dancing and having fun. The DJ will be playing, and we hope you all will help us create a magical atmosphere.

As the final day of EUROGYM 2024 approaches, we invite all participants to join us for a memorable farewell party. This event will be a joyful celebration filled with shared experiences and newfound friendships. Together, let’s cherish the moments, share stories, and say goodbye to an amazing event that brought us together from different parts of Europe. The farewell party promises to be an evening of laughter, music, and shared joy,
creating lasting memories as we bid farewell.

We can’t wait to share one of the coolest EUROGYM traditions with you – the T-shirt and pin exchange on the last day! We will set up a special spot just for this on the last day of EUORGYM 2024, and we want you to be a part of it. Bring your national T-shirts, pins and other merch you would like to exchange with participants from different countries. Also, bring along a plain white T-shirt so you can create a personalized souvenir filled with signatures from all your new EUROGYM buddies. It’s a fantastic way to capture the spirit of the event and the awesome connections you’ve made. Get ready to swap, share, and make your EUROGYM memories last a lifetime.

The educational forum will take place in Bodøhallen Tuesday evening at the same time as FunZone. While the participants are attending the FunZone, the coaches and leaders

Gry is a passionate choreographer in show gymnastics with a heart for gymnastics for all. She is a part of the Norwegian national coaching pool in choreography, and has experience as evaluator at different FIG, EG and national events. Her background comes from teamgym as a gymnast and coach with experience from National, Nordic and European Championships. Also, Gry was the artistic director and choreographer for Nordic Evening 2019 (World Gymnaestrada) and World Gym for Life Challenge 2017.

As well as a zone for the youth, we will have a zone where coaches/leaders can meet and get to know each other.


We will provide lots of different workshops during the week, and all groups will be provided with four different workshops. The workshops will take place in and around Bodø and will be both gymnastics related and other sports and activities. There will also be workshops showcasing Norwegian culture. /Changes might be made to the complete list before the registration for workshops begins.


Train across the three apparatuses: trampette, tumbling, and floor exercises. Engage in diverse exercises and techniques aimed at honing skills in these disciplines as a group and individually.

Artistic gymnastics

Try various apparatus exercises like bars, vault, beam, and floor routines at our workshop. Explore athleticism, creativity, and gymnastics excellence, whether you’re a beginner or refining your skills!


Learn essential skills and acrobatics on large trampolines tailored to your skill level. Gain confidence in aerial moves and safety measures for an exhilarating workshop experience!

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Explore rhythmic gymnastics, incorporating ribbon, hoop, ball, and clubs. Enhance flexibility, learn fundamental skills, and express creativity through rhythmic movement in this workshop!


Perfect high-energy stunts, synchronized cheers, and captivating dance moves in our workshop. Hone skills, foster team spirit, and prepare to cheer with flair and precision!


Experience the thrill of gymnastics and acrobatics using Airtrack. Learn fundamental and new tumbling skills, practice acrobatic movements, and perform on inflatable, air-filled tracks!


Engage in partner acrobatics! Discover lifting and throwing techniques within pairs and groups, fostering teamwork, strength, and creative expression in this dynamic session.


Explore parkour fundamentals, emphasizing creative urban movement. Learn obstacle navigation techniques, build strength, agility, and deepen your understanding of parkour philosophy.

Fun in the Water/swimming

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of water fun. Experience a fusion of aerobic movements, water resistance, and swimming, crafting a high energy session. Discover and master diverse techniques.

Modern Dance

Enhance dance skills with Modern Dance moves. This workshop focuses on expressive movements, conveying emotions through fluid choreography, and refining artistic storytelling.


E-sports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, played individually or as teams. This is a fun workshop with lots of fun.


Explore the dynamic art of breakdancing. Suitable for all skill levels, delve into fundamental elements, techniques, and the vibrant culture surrounding this high-energy
dance form.

Show Hairstyling

Master the art of hairstyling for performances in our Show Hairstyling Workshop. Join us for a day of inspiration and skill-building, perfecting techniques for captivating show hairstyles!

Show Makeup

Refine your stage makeup skills in our Show Makeup Workshop. Explore techniques and expressions of stage-ready makeup and unleash your creativity for a stunning performance makeup!


Perfect your team routine, gather inspiration, and receive valuable feedback in our Special Choreography Workshop. Ideal for collaborative work and refining your team’s performance!

City Orienteering

Experience Bodø through city orienteering—an engaging workshop enhancing navigation skills and urban familiarity. Delve into the city’s charm and expand your knowledge in this insightful exploration.


Discover the scenic beauty of Bodø. Immerse yourself in nature’s tranquility and explore the great outdoors while gaining valuable hiking skills and an appreciation for the city´s stunning landscapes.

German wheel

Learn different techniques in german wheel. And have fun rolling and doing acrobatics on different levels. This is a fun way of learning new gymnastics skills and elements.

How to gut a fish

Learn about Northern Norwegian fishing and sea food industry. Learn how to gut a fish and prepare it before cooking.


Norwegian word that translates to “Colorful performance”. This is a way of bringing together different cultures and people through movement and dance. This is also a way to learn new moves from other cultures.

Parasport Boccia

Boccia is all about precision and dexterity. Long played for fun, the sport first appeared at the Paralympic Games in 1984. The idea of the game is simple. One side has six red balls and the other six blue balls. The aim is to get your balls closer to the white target ball, the ‘jack’, than your opponent.

Beach Volleyball

Join us for a beach volleyball workshop! Practice on sandy courts, master basic spiking and serving techniques, all while developing teamwork skills under the open sky.

Obstacle Trail

Test your speed, agility, and endurance as you navigate a series of obstacles designed for individuals and teams seeking an exhilarating experience. This will be an exciting, challenging adventure.


Embark on a climbing adventure at one of Norway’s premier climbing centers. Acquire essential climbing skills, safety measures, and confidence for thrilling vertical pursuits together with a certified coach.


A form of climbing on artificial formations mimicking natural settings. Bouldering offers an accessible and pure climbing experience, often safely done solo and without specialized gear.

Parasport carpet curling

Now everyone can play curling without the hustle of ice. This is a game for everyone – regardless of age or gender.


Engage in skill drills, tactical training, and gameplay, delving into the fundamentals and strategies of basketball. Develop prowess, teamwork, and a deeper understanding of the game.


Develop your skills and tactics in the world’s most popular sport. Refine your techniques, teamwork, and understanding of football’s intricacies while embracing the game’s spirit.


Experience the fast-paced, dynamic indoor sport of floorball. Use lightweight sticks and balls to score goals, improving your game strategy and skills in an energetic atmosphere.

Games in the FunZone

Engage in a lively and entertaining experience, maneuvering in oversized inflatable spheres and other mega games. Explore the thrill of bouncing, rolling, and laughing while mastering different games.

Table Tennis

Experience the excitement of table tennis! Join our workshop to explore various techniques, from powerful shots to strategic serving, and discover the thrill of this fast-paced game!


Discover skateboarding’s essentials at this fun workshop! This engaging session introduces basic skills, safety measures, and allows you to explore your personal style and tricks on the board.

Outdoor Strength Training

Through a combination of bodyweight exercises, functional training, and natural elements, you will enhance your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness while enjoying the benefits of outdoor exercise.


Experience the art of Taekwondo, a dynamic martial art blending acrobatic kicks and graceful punches. Dive into this traditional Korean practice in our Taekwondo Workshop.

Pilot Training

Experience the thrill of pilot training through engaging activities in flight simulators that are designed to test and enhance your reactions and concentration skills. Used in training of real pilots.

Accommodation, Transport and Food

The participants will be accommodated in schools near the city center. Even though Bodø is a very safe city, all the schools will have 24-hour security. The schools will be cleaned every day. It will be possible to buy mattresses – for more information and prices see additional costs at page 29.

Each HoD is responsible for the conditions of the school where their groups stay. It is forbidden to consume alcohol and drugs in schools’ grounds. Breaking the rules will have consequences. The accreditation card can be withdrawn, and the Head of Delegation is then responsible for finding accommodation for the participants/coaches/leaders, until they return home.

Each group leader will be asked to register their group when they arrive at the school. The group leader will be asked for their contact information and must make themselves available to the HoD if needed.

There will be good information at the schools regarding safety and routines, and there will be an information meeting with the group leaders from each group as soon as everyone has arrived.

Official Hotel for EUROGYM 2024: Thon Hotel Nordlys.
It will be possible to book accommodation at the hotel through the LOC in Gymnaplana.

Hotel prices at Thon Hotel Nordlys
Single room: 140 EURO 
Double room: 155 EURO
Triple room: 225 EURO

Bodø is a compact city and most of the venues are in walking distance from the city center. Transportation to the venues, workshops and schools during the event is included in the participant card.

Shuttle from/to the airport will be possible to order in Gymnaplana for an additional charge.

The breakfast will be served in the schools, and lunch and dinner will be served in Bankgata Flerbrukshall and Bodø VGS (High-School). We will serve nutritious and tasty food and of course, there will be a vegetarian option upon request. 

Please remember to check the boxes for allergies in the registration form. There will be four alternatives: Lactose free, Gluten free, Vegetarian food, No seafood. All meals will be free of nuts and pork meat. All meat served is halal.

If you have other allergies, it will be possible to add them in the final registration.