Get to know Bodø

You will not find a more impressive approach than the one you will see through the plane window prior to landing in Bodø. A vibrant city on the edge of the great outdoors, with fjords, mountains, glaciers, a stunning coastline, and clear coral green waters as far as the eye can see. Bodø is a compact city and a gateway to a unique assortment of wonderous arctic experiences. With the natural resources around us, we can offer world-class experiences, most of them based in the city or just a short bus or boat ride away.

With a location just north of the Arctic Circle, Bodø has a spectacular light throughout the year. During summer, the midnight sun intoxicates and captivates us all. In winter and autumn, you will see the mysterious blue that lights up the dark polar night, and the magical and alluring northern lights. With the light as a backdrop for activities, we guarantee unforgettable experiences. Bodø city is an urban point of light amidst the beautiful and scenic nature. The city is famous for its rich and cultural scene, and for being an arctic hub in the North. Bodø also has a resourceful business community, and a university that is committed to collaboration with national and international communities, businesses and industries.

Attractions and things to do

You will find some of Norway’s and Europe’s most famous attractions in Bodø. Experience the world’s strongest tidal current – Saltstraumen. During a six-hour period, 372 million m. of seawater pass through a 150 m and 31 m deep channel, which creates whirlpools up to 10 m in diameter and 5 m in depth when the current is at its strongest.

A couple of hours drive from Bodø, you can experience the Svartisen Glacier – Northern Scandinavia’s biggest glacier. This mighty glacier, underground caves, marble formations, steep peaks and waterfalls, all located in the beautiful national park. The Kjerringøy Trading Post, which is beautifully located in a stunningly scenic landscape, is one of Norway’s most important cultural heritage monuments from the 19th century. This living museum provides a unique insight into the coastal culture of Northern Norway. Not far from the downtown Bodø, you will find the Norwegian Aviation Museum, the largest such museum in Scandinavia and one of the most modern in Europe.

Furthermore, Bodø is home to the largest colony of European sea eagles in the world. Also, the people living north of the Arctic Circle are very friendly and open-minded. You will find it easy to communicate with the locals, since language skills in general are very good and English is spoken as a second language everywhere.

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Things to do in Bodø with your group

Getting here and getting around

Getting to Bodø is easy and there are several options. You can travel here by air from the north, south, east or west. The airport is located only 2 km, or a 10-15 minute walk, from the city center. You can also arrive on the northbound or southbound Hurtigruten (the Norwegian Costal Voyage) and continue your journey by sea in the beautiful region of Nordland by express boat or ferry. You can drive here along the picturesque Kystriksveien (The Costal Route) which is Norway’s longest National Scenic Route or arrive by train via the Saltfjellet mountain range where you cross the Arctic Circle. If you arrive by train, our own Polar Express has its final stop in Bodø which is the northernmost railway terminal in Northern Norway.

Bodø is a compact city and most of the venues are in walking distance from the city center.

Transportation to the venues, workshops and schools during the event is included in the participant card.


Bodø Airport is situated only 2 km away from the city centre, which is a hub to the rest of the region and Nordland County.

Shuttle from/to the airport will be possible to order in Gymnaplana for an additional charge.


Bodø is the end station of the train line from Oslo/Trondheim. There are several southward-bound local and regional trains from here every day.


There are two main roads to drive to Bodø, the E6 (Fv80) and the Coastal Route (Fv17). There are three Norwegian Scenic Routes in Nordland.

Bus and Boat

It’s easy getting from A to B by bus, ferry or express boat. In the summer you can travel with the Travel Pass Nordland. Hurtigruten have daily arrivals.

Bodø is a compact city and most of the venues are in walking distance from the city center. Transportation to the venues, workshops and schools during the event is included in the participant card.