What is European Gym for Life Challenge?

The European Gym for Life Challenge is organized by the European Gymnastics (EG) and is held every two years the day before EUROGYM. The EGFL will last for 1-3 days, depending on the number of groups. The Challenge is open to everyone who is 12 years and older. Groups consisting of a minimum of 6 gymnasts can participate in this gymnastics festival and have their program evaluated. The aim is to improve the quality of group performances by giving an evaluation and feedback, including advice on how to improve.

You will find European Gym for Life Challenge Regulations here.

Inclusion – Facilitation for special needs athletes

We would like to invite also integrative performance groups for the EGFL, regardless of ability or level of function. We are actively working to facilitate special needs athletes. We will be designing venues with sufficient space for accessibility, elevators, highly visible signage, etc. We can also help you to find alternative accommodation and/or find volunteers to assist with logistics throughout the event.

Please contact us with any questions regarding inclusion and facilitation: inclusion@eurogym2024.com

About the European Gym for Life Challenge

The groups present a performance of a maximum of 3 minutes, including entering and exiting the performance area. If large apparatus are used, the group may use one minute for placing and removing the equipment. This minute is to be without music and is used ONLY for moving the equipment/apparatus. It is not considered part of the performance. The music must be delivered to the LOC two months in advance in order to be checked for quality and duration. The music must be uploaded during the Definitive registration in Gymnaplana. All groups will get rehearsal time. The rehearsal time for each group depends on the number of groups taking part. The Challenge will take place indoor with a floor area of 20 x 30 meters in total.

The main objective of the EGFL is to improve the quality of performances. The TC-GFA focuses on the “show effect” which means attractiveness for the spectators. The number of categories depends on the number of groups. The TC-GFA can change the format of categories depending on the number of registrations (e.g. large groups/small groups, etc. with or without apparatus).

Each performance will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
Entertainment value and overall impression
Innovation and originality
Technique, quality and safety
Variety and diversity

All parts have equal value, up to 5 points per criteria. The evaluation will be carried out by a panel of 4 experts who are experienced in the fields of performance, artistry, technique and choreography. This panel is selected by the TC-GFA. The Evaluators will be directed by a supervisor before, during and after the event. The supervisor is appointed by the TC-GFA. Each Evaluator has a total of 20 points, 5 per criteria. After each performance the Evaluators give the 4 scores/criteria and the total score. All scores are given independently. 4 scores are added (maximum score is therefore 80).

The Challenge will have a minimum of 3 Feedbackers, who are experienced in choreography and have participated in an “advisory course” of the TC-GfA. The experts giving feedback will be appointed by the TC-GfA. The feedback includes positive points from the performance and recommendations on how the performance can be improved. The feedback will only be given to a coach or a choreographer. The feedback will be given directly after the performance. Each coach/choreographer will meet the Feedbacker in a place indicated at the Coaches/Head of Delegation meeting.

The scores will be used to establish an internal ranking list which will not be distributed. All groups receive a bronze, silver or gold trophy, all gymnasts receive a medal and a diploma. European Gymnastics will also hand out some special diplomas. The results will be announced, and the prizes will be handed out after the Challenge.


Provisional program

Here is the provisional program for European Gym for Life Challenge


Stormen Concert Hall is situated in the heart of Bodø City Centre and has received numerous awards for its exceptional acoustics and architecture. This will be the arena for accreditation and info desk.

Bodøhallen, located right next to Nordlandshallen, is a handball arena that can also be transformed into a lively concert venue. It’s part of a complex that includes a water park, offering various activities.

This venue will also host the European Gym for Life Challenge. The rehearsal for all groups will also be in Bodøhallen on Friday July 12th. Registered groups will be notified after the registration how many minutes the training will be, since this dependents on how many groups will participate.

Professional lighting will set the stage aglow.

The general warm-up for the EGFL will be in Nordlandshallen, which is next to and connected to Bodøhallen. Roller mats will be provided, but no other equipment. There will also be toilets and mirrors available.

The apparatus available at the European Gym for Life Challenge are listed below. t is important that the groups are thorough in registering equipment in the definitive registration if you have any specific wishes.

If you have any questions or special needs regarding apparatus, please do not hesitate to contact us at
info@eurogym2024.com. We will do our best to meet your wishes but cannot guarantee that we can provide the equipment not mentioned here.

Accommodation, Transport and Food

The participants will be accommodated in schools near the city center. Even though Bodø is a very safe city, all the schools will have 24-hour security. The schools will be cleaned every day. It will be possible to buy mattresses – for more information and prices see additional costs at page 29.

Each HoD is responsible for the conditions of the school where their groups stay. It is forbidden to consume alcohol and drugs in schools’ grounds. Breaking the rules will have consequences. The accreditation card can be withdrawn, and the Head of Delegation is then responsible for finding accommodation for the participants/coaches/leaders, until they return home.

Each group leader will be asked to register their group when they arrive at the school. The group leader will be asked for their contact information and must make themselves available to the HoD if needed.

There will be good information at the schools regarding safety and routines, and there will be an information meeting with the group leaders from each group as soon as everyone has arrived.

Official Hotel for EGFL 2024: Thon Hotel Nordlys.
It will be possible to book accommodation at the hotel through the LOC in Gymnaplana.

Hotel prices at Thon Hotel Nordlys
Single room: 140 EURO 
Double room: 155 EURO
Triple room: 225 EURO

Bodø is a compact city and most of the venues are in walking distance from the city center. Transportation to the venues, workshops and schools during the event is included in the participant card.

Shuttle from/to the airport will be possible to order in Gymnaplana for an additional charge.

The breakfast will be served in the schools, and lunch and dinner will be served in Bankgata Flerbrukshall and Bodø VGS (High-School). We will serve nutritious and tasty food and of course, there will be a vegetarian option upon request. 

Please remember to check the boxes for allergies in the registration form. There will be four alternatives: Lactose free, Gluten free, Vegetarian food, No seafood. All meals will be free of nuts and pork meat. All meat served is halal.

If you have other allergies, it will be possible to add them in the final registration.