Eurogym 2024 aims to be an organizer that takes environmental and sustainability responsibilities seriously. Eurogym 2024 aims to reduce the environmental impact of sports activities and events while increasing awareness of sustainability among members and partners.

To achieve this goal, Eurogym 2024 has developed a sustainability strategy that includes specific measures to reduce carbon footprint and increase sustainable practices within the organization. The strategy includes measures to reduce energy consumption, waste management, transportation, and procurement of goods and services.

Eurogym 2024 has also taken initiatives to raise awareness of sustainability among members and partners. This includes training and information on sustainable practices, as well as measures to increase awareness of the environmental impact of sports activities and events.

Organize a green gymnastics event and inspire other events to do the same.

Sustainability Goal 3 became a natural objective for Eurogym 2024, as sports contribute to increased activity and a healthy lifestyle. Eurogym is a great opportunity for young gymnasts to develop their skills, make new friends, and experience different cultures. It should be an event for everyone, where all feel integrated and included. Bodø and Norway will showcase their rich culture during Eurogym and inspire joy in gymnastics and physical activity.

Eurogym 2024 will highlight the UN Sustainable Development Goals on its website, social media platforms, and during the event. We aim to be a green gymnastics event and inspire future events to do the same. We take environmental and sustainability responsibilities seriously and aim to increase awareness of waste management and reuse. During the event, we will have a sustainability corner where we will inform, challenge, and inspire participants and volunteers to make sustainable choices.

Eurogym 2024 aims to be an event for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, culture, religion, or disability. We prioritize inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunities. Our arenas will be tailored to accommodate all, where everyone feels welcome. We will cheer on all participants, creating a community celebration and a festive atmosphere. Equal opportunities for all – Gymnastics for All!

Eurogym 2024 will have a conscious approach to reuse, procurement, consumption, and will minimize its footprint. Our focus is on reducing food waste, selecting materials that can be reused or recycled. We will distribute reusable water bottles to all participants and volunteers, with easy access to water refill stations. Eurogym 2024 will be a compact event with walking distance between venues, the city, and several accommodation options. We will assess transportation needs and utilize existing public transportation. In collaboration with VY, special trains will be arranged from Oslo to Bodø, offering participants a more sustainable travel option.

In Norway, sports are founded on volunteerism and community spirit. With this as a cornerstone of Norwegian sports, Sustainable Development Goal 17 becomes crucial for Eurogym 2024 to succeed. Together with partners, we share experiences and leverage each other’s expertise. Sports fosters friendship, and Eurogym 2024 will lead the way in demonstrating that good collaboration is a sustainable approach to achieving goals.